Miles K. Karson, Contributing Editor

For the last 14 years, Mr. Karson has practiced in the area of insurance recovery law, where he resolved numerous coverage disputes for corporate policyholders through mediation, negotiated settlements and litigation. His experience involves disputes seeking coverage under various types of Property and Liability insurance policies, including D&O, E&O, EPLI, and First-party Property policies. His numerous successful recoveries include recoveries for FCPA investigations, FTC investigations, employee dishonesty and fraud, employment discrimination, business interruption, toxic torts, environmental damage, advertising injury, and bad faith. His insurance coverage matters include arbitrations, mediations and cases pending or litigated throughout the United States. Mr. Karson’s practice also includes advising clients on the negotiation of policy wording on renewals and overall insurance risk management strategies. Prior to joining Miller Friel, Mr. Karson practiced at two of the nation’s leading law firms.

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