November 3, 2015

The Growth of Boutique Insurance Recovery Law Firms

Certain boutique law firms have emerged as established leaders for corporations seeking the best possible representation.  Insurance recovery law is one of those areas of law that is ideally suited to a boutique practice, and for good reason. With its complexities and undisclosed conflicts, general practice law firms often times find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to pursuing corporate claims for policyholders.  By focusing on insurance coverage law only, we are able to provide our clients with honest and objective advice, unclouded by conflicts of interest.  With the ever changing landscape of case law, focus on this specialized area of law has become more than a benefit to clients, it has become a necessity to effectively practicing in this area.  Not only that, but Miller Friel’s  intense study and practice in this one area of law has the added benefit of paying off with greater efficiency and better results. 

 In this video, founding Partner Mark Miller explains why insurance recovery law if perfectly suited for the boutique law firm model.

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Here is the transcript of today’s video:

The Growth of Boutique Insurance Recovery Law Firms

There are certain types of laws that suit themselves really well to boutique practices. And most lawyers know those practices because they’ve been established and they’re out there. For example if you want to find an appellate lawyer, you can find great appellate lawyers in a big law firm but they’re also some boutique law firms that just excel at that. That’s all they do and they’re really good at it and it’s not uncommon for a Fortune 50 company to go hire one of those lawyers to go appeal to the Supreme Court or to the Ninth Circuit or to any other federal appellate court so that’s one example.

Boutique Insurance Recovery Law Firm

IP lawyers, Intellectual property lawyers, boutique firms are very common. It seems like in certain areas lawyers have gravitated together of like mind and they pursue these types of laws in certain areas. We think that insurance recovery is one of those areas. In fact we don’t know any other boutique insurance recovery law firms out there, so we’re not saying that that this is an established category but it will be in a number of years. And the reason why it will be is because first of all there are too many conflicts dealing with insurance companies. They are all over the place I don’t care if they’re real legal conflicts like big lawyer represents the insurance company in a develop deal in China which would be a conflict. Or big law is on panel counsel and it’s all hush-hush and you can’t sue the company but you can work things out with them. Or you can’t sue them for bad faith whatever the case may be. There are all kinds of restrictions. We need to get clear of those restrictions. What we need is a bunch of good coverage lawyers to see that those restrictions are not in the best interest of the clients. Clients need to have objective advice and a boutique insurance coverage or recovery law firm is the only way they can get that type of objective advice.

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