Property / Business Interruption

Over the past thirty years, our lawyers have handled some of the largest and most significant property insurance claims in the world. Our specialization in commercial property insurance recently resulted in the largest bad faith property insurance verdict handed down in the last thirty years.  This result is far from an isolated victory. Massive Life Sciences Company Property Damage and Business Interruption Claim Resolution. Policyholders often make avoidable Mistakes With Property Insurance Claims.

Latest Results

$5 Billion Hurricane Sandy Claim

Resolved coverage claims for one of the largest Property damage and business interruption losses in US History.

$1.5 Billion Terrorism Claim

resolved coverage claims for business interruption and property damage stemming from the destruction of New York city infrastructure.

$123 Million Thailand flood loss

initiated litigation and rapidly settled a massive business interruption and property damage flood loss claim on behalf of a U.S. based pharmaceutical company

$112 Million Jury Verdict for Flood-Damaged Manufacturing Facility

delivered one of the largest insurance bad faith jury awards ever recorded in a property insurance coverage case.

$100+ Million Chemical Plant Explosion

Settled claims for property damage and business interruption losses exceeding $100 million caused by a chemical manufacturing facility explosion for a Fortune 10 global conglomerate.

$100+ Million Recovery for Fortune 50 Petroleum Company

Secured settlement from reinsurers of a captive for property damage, business interruption and extra expense losses caused by Hurricane Rita at an oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.

$100+ Million Refinery Recovery

Recovered 9-figure amount after prosecuting London “Bermuda-form” arbitration for property damage and business interruption losses caused by explosion and eight-month shutdown at a 120,000 barrel-per-day oil refinery in Washington State.

$38 Million Recovery for Fire-Damaged Industrial Complex

Secured settlement for roughly double what it cost client to rebuild an old fire-damaged damaged facility. Insurer paid for total replacement cost, irrespective of what it actually cost to replace the facility with a less expensive structure.

$25 Million REIT Flood Loss

Negotiated settlement of for $15 Billion REIT losses at forty-seven different properties.

$15 Million Builder’s Risk Claim

Pursuing coverage for the owner of a $56 million hotel being constructed in the District of Columbia. $15 million of repair costs necessitated by damage caused by heavy rains and mold during construction.

$15 Million Fire Loss

Successfully arbitrated recovery of fire related business interruption and property damage losses at apartment complex for large commercial real estate company.

$10+ Million Hurricane Recovery for Deepwater Pipeline

Recovered 8-figure settlement for a Louisiana-based exploration and production company pertaining to property damage and lost production income arising from hurricane damage to a deepwater pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.