September 22, 2015

Insurance Recovery Specialists – Experience Matters

In this video blog series on insurance recovery law, top insurance recovery lawyers address some of the most pressing and important insurance coverage issues faced by corporate policyholders today.

We believe that the best way to introduce our new video blog series is to start by sharing some of our thoughts on the factors that differentiate great insurance recovery lawyers and law firms, from all of the others who practice in this specialized area of law. In this video, Mark Miller, one of Miller Friel’s founding partners, discusses what successful insurance recovery lawyers have in common with the Beatles, Bill Gates, and a myriad of other successful companies. Like the Beatles and Bill Gates, great insurance recovery lawyers have experience, and when you combine many great insurance recovery lawyers in a single law firm, you can achieve otherwise unattainable results.

Please take a moment to watch Mark talk about what sets Miller Friel apart from other insurance recovery practices.

Insurance Recovery Specialists

Insurance Recovery Specialists

Founding Partner, Mark Miller

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Miller Friel is a specialty law firm. We do only one thing, and we do that extremely well, and that is representing corporate America in disputes with insurance companies. We’ve decided to focus on that one thing. We decided that we’re going to bring together some of the best people in the industry and put together a firm that could do basically insurance recovery work better than anyone else in the country.

We have decades of experience in insurance recovery law.

Myself and Brian Friel founded Miller Friel a number of years ago, as an insurance recovery law firm. I had read a book about that time, by a guy named Malcolm Gladwell. It was called ‘Outliers’. He looked at some people and tried to figure out, why certain companies, and why certain firms and why certain athletes did extremely well. He was a great proponent of nothing happens from luck. It happens from experience.

Basically he looked at people like Bill Gates, for example, and he said what did Bill Gates have that others didn’t have. Well he had access to a mainframe computer and he had thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of hours of programming before anybody else got started in it. So he was ahead of the curve.

He looked at the Beatles. The Beatles are playing in seedy night clubs for, I don’t know, a decade before they even hit the Ed Sullivan show, and what he concluded from that, was that you need a certain core level of experience. You have to you have that core level of experience and if you jump in to the arena without that core level of experience you’re going to fail. Or at a minimum, you’re not going to be one of the top players in that arena.

What Brian Friel and I decided was that we’ll bring together a core group of people that were really good at what they did and had a great deal of experience. All of us came out of large law firms, where we practiced among the best attorneys in the country. So we definitely had the training and the experience and we had worked for 10-20 years at least, at a minimum. For all of us, train ourselves in one area of law.

When we decided to move, we were like the Beatles, we are ready to go. We were like Bill Gates, we had the experience we knew what we wanted to do with it. And we were ready to compete with the best law firms in the country for work. And we’re happy to do so because were so excited about the product we have to offer. So the concept here is that we’re going to try, and we do have those individuals that are extremely good at what they do, if you bring them together in one firm in a collaborative environment, which is very important people have to work together, you get much better results than you would from any individual.

That’s kind of the story of our firm and why we think that the collaboration and the experience is important. 

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