October 22, 2015

We Focus on High Stakes Areas of Insurance Recovery Law

High Stakes Legal Matters + Exceptional Insurance Recovery Expertise = Business Solutions

High Stakes Legal Matters + Exceptional Insurance Recovery Expertise = Business Solutions

At Miller Friel, we provide comprehensive insurance representation for corporate policyholders. Our attorneys are some of the best in the world in the area of insurance recovery law, and have focused for decades on the nuances of this specific area of law.  This is one of the factors that has enabled us to deliver an incredible record of success for our clients.

At Miller Friel, we concentrate on high stakes insurance recovery law.

Given the sophisticated nature of our clients, our practice tends to focus on high stakes areas of insurance law having a great deal of money at risk.  In the recent past, these kinds of high risk claims have been in the area of directors and officers and fiduciary claims, what we call employee theft. These two sub-areas within the umbrella of insurance coverage law require a deep understanding of the particular policies and the ever-changing case law controlling the interpretation of those policies.  We have been asked, time and time again, to help our corporate clients navigate through these kinds of claims, which frankly, can put the very health of their business on the line. Corporate clients put their faith in us because we specialize in this area of law, we have extensive experience dealing with these claims, and we have, time and time again, produced outstanding results for our clients.

Learn more about some of our expertise in D&O Insurance and fidelity claims by watching managing partner Brian Friel’s views on the subject.

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Below is the transcript of the video:

We represent all components within the broad spectrum of commercial insurance.

Here at Miller Friel we are working with our clients on all lines of their commercial insurance policies and programs.  This is general liability, this is property, this is professional liability policies, this is director and officer’s, employment, fidelity or what we call employee theft claims, fiduciary in respect to employee benefit plans that they happen to be managing. We represent all components within that broad spectrum of what we call commercial insurance policies and programs.

I’d say though if we had to pick a particular area where we have a expertise and a focus, that is second to none, it would probably be within the directors and officers space, as well as the fidelity.

For example the directors and officers, these are policies that are protecting the company and its individual officers and directors against claims and alleged claims involving alleged wrongful acts and really it’s the broad spectrum. It can involve financial wrong acts, it can involve bad decisions on a corporate level basis. Really it’s very very broad insurance in particular for private companies. So that is an area where we have spent a lot of time because there’s been a lot of claim activities and because we find that the claim levels is much higher in terms of the money at stake. So that is really what’s driving a lot of that work and what we’re seeing in the industry.

The second area is what we called fidelity insurance or employee theft insurance. There are many different aspects of this insurance but really the primary focus is where you have an employee who’s acting dishonestly or unlawfully to the detriment of the company, essentially stealing or helping an outsider steal money from that company. It could be a bank, be a retailer, it could be a pharmaceutical company and we’ve seen a lot of these claims in the last five years. And a lot of them have made national news with these Ponzi schemes with Bernie Madoff whether it’s Lou Perlman down in Florida and these are many billion dollar Ponzi scheme losses. And typically what happens is you have an insider, working with the outsider, the schemer if you will, and you have insurance, companies typically will have insurance to cover that type of illicit or unlawful or inappropriate behavior. And what we find there again like the D&O the claim quantification the claim value tends to be very very high because you’re dealing again with Ponzi scheme’s and other frauds that involve lots of folks, lots of innocent investors putting a lot of money in, and as a result these are big ticket claim items. So this is really driving a lot of work that we are doing here at Miller Friel.

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