September 24, 2015

The Complexities and Nuances of Insurance Recovery Law

In this video blog series on insurance recovery law, top insurance recovery lawyers address some of the most pressing and important insurance coverage issues faced by corporate policyholders today.

Here, Brian Friel addresses some of the complexities and nuances of insurance recovery law. It takes decades of full immersion into this area of practice to understand how best to handle complex corporate insurance claims. This is not an area of law that can be easily navigated by non-insurance lawyers. Corporations with insurance claims are best served by working with a team of attorneys who sole focus is insurance recovery law.

Please join Brian in this video as he discusses further the benefits of Experience and Focus.


To read a transcript of this post, see below:

We understand the complexities and nuances of insurance recovery law.

Because of the experience that we have here at Miller Friel, because of the deep bench of lawyers in insurance recovery, we are able to really dig deep and really understand these insurance policies because they are very complicated.

They are not all the same, they vary from year-to-year, from client to client and from underwriter to underwriter. So you really need to understand the various policy forms. You need to understand how they’ve changed over time, the interplay between the main policy and the endorsements that change and modify, very key terms and conditions within the policy. You need to understand who the carriers are, which carriers or which claims adjusters are going to take a certain position, which are more valid than others, or who you’re going to push a little harder against.

That’s very very different then how some other firms do it, where they assign two, three, four very junior associates with very little experience. They spend many, many hours looking at contracts, insurance policies which they don’t understand. They don’t have the background and they don’t have the experience to really understand what’s going on. What’s the key provision within that policy? What are some of the key recent case law within the country interpreting that insurance policy? And, so what happens in those other firms are that clients are paying a lot of money for junior or mid-level associates, and that is not what you’re getting here at Miller Friel.

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