Insurance Recovery Law: Candid and Accurate Advice

In today’s video, founding name partner Mark Miller, discusses the frustrations policyholders face when it comes to obtaining reliable and accurate insurance coverage advice.  With insurance recovery law, there is a big difference between getting advice, and getting the right advice. 

For example, many of the insurance claims that we handle were first looked at by lawyers at other firms.  Partners at large law firms typically have a person at their firm take a “first look” at coverage, and advise as to whether or not coverage is provided.  Before we see the claim, some other lawyer has already concluded that there is no coverage.  Then, we get a call from the law firm partner, or the client, saying, “this can’t be right. . . there must be coverage.”  When we provide a “second look,” we typically find coverage. 

The reasons for inaccurate insurance recovery advice are perhaps as numerous as lawyers giving that advice.  But, in the end, insurance recovery lawyers don’t add value unless they succeed at helping their clients collect under their corporate insurance policies.  There are many great lawyers and law firms out there offering insurance coverage advice.  But, as we have seen over and over again, legal advice confirming an insurance carriers denial of coverage is not necessarily accurate or correct.    

Because of our focus and experience, Miller Friel is uniquely situated to provide policyholder clients with sound and accurate insurance recovery advice.  For many of the matters we handle, multiple parties had already advised our clients that there was no coverage.  If you receive such advice, it may be time for a second opinion.  We are happy to provide that second look, and we will do so free of charge.  Please give us a call to discuss any corporate claims issues you may have.  The more challenging, the better.   

The telephone number for our Washington, DC office is 202-760-3160.