Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers liability insurance can afford some of the broadest liability coverage available. It is often implicated in Make or Break the Company Situations. It provides coverage for the wrongful acts of individual directors and officers, and in some cases, the wrongful acts of the organization. D&O Insurance — The True Value of Entity Coverage. In addition to providing coverage for a variety of business disputes, D&O insurance is also an invaluable asset to organizations subjected to governmental investigations.

Notice For Governmental Investigations – Navigating Insurance Traps; D&O Insurance Coverage for Government Investigations. Our five-part series on things you need to know about D&O Insurance highlights some lessons learned. Part 5 — Indemnity Obligations; Part 4 — Improper Defense Tactics; Part 3 — Improper Claim Denials; Part 2 — Notice; Part 1 — Coverage is Incredibly Broad.

Latest Results

$1 Billion+ Opioid Claim

Secured coverage for specialty pharmaceutical company under policies of general liability, products liability and management liability insurance for the defense and indemnification of claims arising out of the manufacture and sales of prescription opioid pain medication. Underlying claims included bodily injury claims by individual patients, securities class action lawsuits, Delaware Section 220 demands, shareholder derivative litigations, criminal indictments of individual officers and directors, third-party payor (health insurer) claims, and claims by local, state and national governmental entities.

$250 million SEC Claim

Represented a large foreign bank to recover insurance for case involving alleged securities law violations.

$100 Million Ponzi Scheme Claim

Litigating Ponzi Scheme insurance claim for director and officer related losses.

$75 Million False Claims Act Claim

Negotiated settlement with insurance carriers related to DOJ lawsuit involving road and bridge construction projects in Afghanistan.

$50 Million False Claims Act Claim

Negotiated settlement with insurance carriers related to DOJ qui tam lawsuit involving the sale of heavy artillery to the U.S. Army.

$40 million False Advertising claims

litigated and settled insurance claims covering 14 third-party lawsuits, 15 attorney general claims, and one FTC lawsuit. Learn More

$40 Million FCPA Bribe Allegation Claim

Negotiated and settled $40 million FCPA claim where U.S. Government alleged that an engineering company bribed middle eastern officials. Learn More

$25 Million Private Equity Securities Fraud Claim

Represented Private Equity firm portfolio company to secure coverage for a $25 Million securities fraud lawsuit.

$15 million Fair Housing Act Claim

Litigated and settled coverage under D&O and EPLI insurance policies for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act.

$10+ Million Defense Contractor Settlement

Fortune 200 defense contractor recovered confidential 8-figure settlement under D&O policies for losses arising from defense and settlement of securities class actions and derivative litigations arising out of FCPA violations; as well as settlement of separate class actions, derivative litigations and bankruptcy adversary proceedings arising out of IPO and subsequent bankruptcy.

$10+ Million Securities Class Action Settlement for REIT

Real estate investment trust recovered 8-figure settlement from tower of D&O insurance companies for losses arising from defense and settlement securities class action and derivative securities claims, filed in Maryland and Arizona, challenging a corporate transaction. Coverage lawsuit settled on very favorable terms after client prevailed on discovery rulings in Maryland federal court. VEREIT, Inc. v. National Specialty Insurance Company (U.S.) Inc., Case No: 1:17-cv-03788-ELH (D. Md.).

$9 Million Mexico Developer FCPA Claim

Developer incurred $9 million in costs in order to comply with an SEC subpoena. Recovery under D&O policy was achieved immediately after filing lawsuit. Learn More