November 25, 2015

Insurance Recovery Law: Two General Practice Areas

Our insurance recovery law firm delivers two distinct kinds of services to corporate policyholders. In today’s video Managing Partner Brian Friel walks through each of these services and demonstrates how these services can help businesses maximize insurance coverage.  

Insurance Recovery Law Practice Area One: Policy Advisory Service

The first service we offer, our insurance policy advisory service, may be performed before an insurance claim has arisen.  This service, through careful negotiation and policy review, helps clients improve insurance policy language to bring it closer to perfection over time.  Here, we make sure that each policy has the most current and most meaningful terms, conditions, and exclusions. Our goal is to ensure that each policy is so well crafted that future claims are covered under the policy.  Then, if an insurance claim needs to be made, denial of that claim will be difficult for the insurer to justify.  

Insurance Recovery Law Practice Area Two: Negotiating and Resolving Insurance Claims

The second and larger part of our practice is negotiating and resolving insurance claims.  If one of our corporate policyholder clients has a loss, we assist with noticing that claim to the carriers, and making sure that the carrier pays the claim.  Carriers oftentimes deny claims.  When this happens, it is important to retain counsel to bring the claim to resolution.  Maximizing available recoveries requires knowledge of the insurance industry, but more importantly, it requires knowledge of the law interpreting relevant insurance policy language.  At Miller Friel, we are experienced at all levels of handling insurance recovery claims, from negotiation though, if necessary, litigation and trial. 

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Insurance Recovery Law

Founding Name Partners of Miller Friel, PLLC, Brian Friel (Left) and Mark Miller (Right)

If you would like to read the transcript of the video, we have included it below:

We have two general practice areas with insurance recovery: insurance advisory services and insurance claims recovery.

At Miller Friel, we basically have two general practice areas within insurance recovery. The first is we provide insurance advisory services. So we assist clients looking at corporate indemnities or corporate insurance provisions within the contract. It could be a service contract could be a sales contract. We help them and provide advice in respect to renewing their insurance policies, working with their insurance brokers to make sure they get the right programs in place. That’s one part of our practice.

The other part of our practice is insurance claims recovery, which is really what the main stay of our practice is. The clients have a dispute. They have a loss. They have an insurance policy and they want to get their carriers to pay for it. And we look at the underlying pleadings in the cases filed against our clients and they could be securities litigation claims, they could be shareholder derivative actions, they could be breach of contract claims. We really want understand the underlying pleadings and the facts and the legal theories that are being inserted by the underlying plaintiffs and see how they marries up with our clients insurance policies.

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