September 29, 2015

Insurance Recovery Law Firm with 100% Record of Success

At Miller Friel, we deliver results, for every client, on every claim. Our track record of success in insurance claims recovery is unparalleled in this practice area, with insurance recoveries in excess of $2 billion for our clients.  In this video, our managing partner, Brian Friel, explains how years of Focus on the specialized field of insurance recovery law has led to our unblemished record of delivering for our clients.

If you would like to know more about how Miller Friel can help your company maximize your insurance coverage, please contact us.

Below is a transcript of the video:

We deliver for all our clients every day, on every case.

Our track record here at Miller Friel is 100%.  We deliver for all of our clients.  We bring value to every  one of our cases that we have worked on since we started this law firm four years ago. And, that level of success, that track record of bringing in insurance recovery money, whether it’s to pay for your underlying defense counsel, paying for some sort of settlement, paying for a building that was destroyed outside of Bangkok because of the flooding a few years ago.

Insurance Recovery Law Firm with 100% Record of Success

Insurance Recovery Law Firm

We are delivering every day on every case.  For our clients, our banking clients, our pharmaceutical clients, our retail clients, our construction and engineering clients all around the country, we have recovered well over two billion dollars in insurance proceeds at Miller Friel.

It’s a result of hard work, dedication to our clients and their cases, and again the experience that we bring to bear with respect to our attorneys and their insurance recovery experience. And the amount of years that we’ve been doing this. We bring all those resources to bear, and I think it really is reflected in our track record of success.

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