Retroactive Date Exclusions: Commonly Alleged, But Seldom Applicable

In today’s post, Brian Friel addresses one of the most common reasons for denial raised by insurance carriers today: retroactive date exclusions.  These retro-date exclusions have become a favorite reason for denial by insurance carriers, but they are seldom applicable.  In this video, Brian addresses a typical scenario.  A client came to us with a denial letter from its insurance carrier that relied primarily on a retro date exclusion. 

After carefully reviewing the policy, we determined that the retroactive date exclusion did not apply. We took our argument to the insurance company, explained our reasoning, and the insurance company retracted its denial, resulting in a multimillion dollar settlement for our client. 

This arc from denial letter, to coverage analysis, to positive outcome is highly repeatable.  We use this kind of approach for each and every one of our corporate policyholder insurance clients.  A denial letter from an insurance carrier is not the end of the road for an insurance claim; it is an invitation to re-examine the claim and negotiate.  Corporate policyholders have the opportunity to overturn a denial of coverage,  but this typically cannot be done without skilled legal assistance. 

Watch the video to learn more about how corporate policyholders can overturn insurance claim denials based on retroactive date exclusions, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.