October 20, 2015

Building An Insurance Recovery Law Firm

The idea of a brain trust, or a pool of exceptional talent, is not new.  We have taken this concept, one of concentrating highly talented insurance recovery lawyers into a dedicated firm practicing only in the area of insurance recovery law, as the model for Miller Friel, PLLC.  We brought together some of the best insurance recovery lawyers from some of the world’s biggest law firms and formed a highly specialized conflict free law firm to maximize results for corporate policy holder clients looking for insurance-related solutions to some of the words most difficult legal problems.

In today’s video, founding partner Mark Miller talks about the inspiration for this idea of building a law firm modeled after the success of AccuWeather.  Watch the video to learn how.

Miller Friel, PLLC is a specialized insurance recovery law firm whose sole purpose is to help corporate clients maximize their insurance coverage.  Our Focus of exclusively representing policyholders, combined with our extensive Experience in the area of insurance law, leads to greater efficiency, lower costs and better Results.  Further discussion and analysis of insurance coverage issues impacting policyholders can be found in our Miller Friel Insurance Coverage Blog and our 7 Tips for Maximizing Coverage series. For additional information about this post, please email or call Mark Miller (, 202-760-3161). 


Below is a transcript of the video:

Putting together a team of the best in the field is what gets results.

There’s a story that I can tell you that I heard when I was in college, taking a weather course. I remember one thing that the professor said, he said predicting weather is very difficult.  We have super computers that can kind of do it, but they can’t really do it right but there maybe five or ten people in the country maybe 20, that can do it and they do it consistently and they do well. We don’t know how but their record is statistically better than the other folks that are trying to do it. They are all highly educated, they all know what they are doing but certain folks are getting better than others. So this company AccuWeather said there it’s not that expensive to hire weather forecasters, so we’re going to go higher every single one of those 20 people. we’re going to bring them together in one firm, they are going to work together and we’re going to get one forecast from those 20 people and it’s going to be the best forecast. Some people were skeptical, but in reality it made the company. AccuWeather is still around today and their concept still exists.

Well we took that concept and our firm. If we bring in the best possible people, all experienced insurance recovery lawyers you, experienced insurance recovery lawyers put them together in a non-siloed environment and just let them do what they do best. You have a better result. We took a team of insurance recovery lawyers, we took them from different places, some of the best big law firms in the country put them together in one firm and put them together under a model, where they collaborate and work together. It’s analogous to the AccuWeather situation where you bringing a bunch of really good people into the same place, and you know what you get?  You get a better result. A better result than any of those individuals could’ve done on their own. When you put them together if the structure is there that they can and will work together, you get a better result.

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