April 29, 2016

What Should New General Counsels Be Thinking About From An Insurance Perspective?

Posted in Advice on Insurance by Miller Friel

When you take on the role as General Counsel for a new organization, a large part of your first few months will be to assess the current status legal status of the company from a variety of different perspectives.  If the company has any litigation matters, or governmental investigations, insurance is one of the perspectives that needs additional focus and attention.   In this video, Clarissa Cerda talks about the importance of a holistic examination of various insurance policies, and the role that Miller Friel played in helping her examine policy language to protect the company.

A robust understanding of the intricacies of coverage can reveal potential vulnerabilities.  To learn more about how Miller Friel can help companies avoid future losses, please see Brian Friel’s blog post on Insurance Advisory Services.

We’d like to thank Clarissa for her contribution to the Miller Friel insurance blog.  Some of her other posts include, Best Insurance Recovery Law Firm For Technology Companies, and General Counsel Tips On Insurance Policy Review.  If you have questions about any kind of corporate insurance issue, please give us a call.  Our Experience in the area of insurance recovery law is unparalleled, and our sole Focus is to help corporate clients maximize their insurance coverage.

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