Insurance Advisory Services

Miller Friel’s Insurance Advisory Services leverage our extensive expertise in Insurance Recovery Claims to bring value to our clients before a claim has been made.  Because one word in an insurance policy can make the difference between recovering hundreds of millions of dollars, or nothing, many of our clients have come to the understanding that it is less expensive to fix a problem before a claim has been made, than it is to litigate coverage after the fact.  Because we have such detailed knowledge of this area of law, we can add value to our clients while they are negotiating coverage.  By suggesting enhanced policy wording to address the ever changing legal landscape, costly claims issues can be avoided, and additional policyholder claims flexibility can be achieved.   This kind of legal preparation and forethought can save your company millions of dollars in the long run.

To learn more, watch the video and please call us if you have any questions about your existing coverage or about any policies that you are in the process of renewing.

Miller Friel, PLLC is a specialized insurance recovery law firm whose sole purpose is to help corporate clients maximize their insurance coverage.  Our Focus of exclusively representing policyholders, combined with our extensive Experience in the area of insurance law, leads to greater efficiency, lower costs and better Results.  Further discussion and analysis of insurance coverage issues impacting policyholders can be found in our Miller Friel Insurance Coverage Blog and our 7 Tips for Maximizing Coverage series.

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