The Ugly Truth About Excess Insurance

Excess Insurance and Underlying Limits

In today’s video, managing partner Brian Friel walks us through an example of how ignoring excess insurance policy language can lead to disastrous results, but more importantly, how experience in the area of insurance recovery law allows us to effectively solve problems before they happen.  The issue addressed is how often ignored excess policy language dealing with exhaustion of underlying limits can get in the way of both meaningful settlements, and, if ignored, can lead to a forfeiture of excess coverage.  See Settling With Underlying Insurers for Less Than Policy Limits – The Good, the Decent and the Ugly.  This illustrates the kind value added services that we provide both for insurance policy review and claims assistance. 

Recognizing this and other insurance issues is only possible when legal counsel understand the nuances of insurance policy language and the impact of case law interpreting that language.  Watch the video to learn how businesses can better structure multi-layer insurance programs to elevate excess policy nightmares in the future.  

At Miller Friel, we have decades of experience in corporate insurance recovery law, and our singular focus on this area of law directly benefits our clients’ bottom lines. We are trusted advisors and litigators to many of the world’s most well-known companies.  If you have a coverage dispute or even questions about your current policy, please give our office a call to see how we can put our experience to work for you.  Our Washington, DC office number is 202-760-3160.