Crime / Fidelity

In its most basic form, a fidelity bond (or crime policy) protects an organization from financial losses caused by an employee’s dishonest misconduct. Our experience in this area ranges from representing large international banks seeking to recover substantial Ponzi scheme losses to representing businesses in contractor overcharging scandals facilitated through the help of a company insider.

See Insurance Coverage for Employee Theft – The Making of a Thief. Crime policies, however, are not limited to financial fraud coverage. They also cover credit card forgery, computer fraud, and social engineering cyber-attacks.

Latest Results

$300+ Million Ponzi Scheme Recovery

Represented major bank in litigation to recover over $300 million in connection with Ponzi Scheme involving multiple bank employees.

$100+ Million Financial Crime Loss

Litigated and recovered losses suffered by a large bank resulting from the activities of a mortgage origination and servicing company.

$90 Million Theft of Armored Car Company Cash

Litigated and settled bond case involving large scale fraud perpetrated by former business owners of an armored car company.

$30 Million Employee Fraud

Recovered under crime bond amounts that former Vice President of Construction siphoned from ongoing construction projects on behalf of $20 billion media company.

$10 Million Contractor Overcharging Scandal

Recovered contractor overcharging amounts under crime bond where contractor was in collusion with company employees.