Latest Technology Wins

$110 million FTC claim

Arbitrated and settled insurance coverage claims for lawsuits alleging false advertising. Underlying lawsuits included an FTC false advertising lawsuit and numerous class action lawsuits alleging violations of state consumer protection laws.

$60+ Million Recovered for Technology Services Company

Filed suit against two different Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance companies that sold fourteen different policies to a leading software servicing company, resulting in recoveries of over $60 million. Recoveries achieved under often ignored “personal injury” coverage provisions of the policies for a break-the-company lawsuit filed by a business competitor.

$40 million False Advertising claims

litigated and settled insurance claims covering 14 third-party lawsuits, 15 attorney general claims, and one FTC lawsuit. Learn More

$9 Million High-Tech Surveillance Blimp Damage

Settlement was reached immediately after the filing of a lawsuit. Learn More

$3 Million Dependent System Failure Claim

Obtained coverage through mediation where company operations were impacted by a ransomware cyber-attack on one of its business suppliers.

Class Action Privacy Claims

negotiated full defense cost coverage for technology company sued in a series of different lawsuits alleging the improper collection biometric data.

Cyber Attack

represent publicly traded computer services provider to recover cyber-attack losses under a tower of primary and excess D&O policies. As a result of the attack, client was subjected to an SEC claim and a plaintiff class action lawsuit.

Fortune 200 Information Technology Company Rescission Action

Obtained dismissal by summary judgment of lawsuit by National Union (AIG) seeking to rescind D&O coverage for entity and its directors and officers who had been sued in shareholder litigation arising from alleged financial improprieties and a subsequent restatement of earnings.

Fraud Claim Coverage

Secured defense under D&O policy for Officer and director of gaming company defending against allegations by former limited partners that client concealed material accounting information, manipulated corporate structures, and perpetuated a fraud to devalue former partners’ interests prior to purchasing those interests.

Loss of Client Data Claim

aggressively pursuing coverage for a multinational software company to recover losses under its cyber policy for damages incurred as the result of a cyber-attack that caused the disclosure of confidential customer data.

Smart TV Privacy Claims

secured defense coverage for US branch of major international consumer products company whose smart TV’s were alleged to have violated consumer Privacy laws.

Technology Company Securities Claim Settlement

Recovered 7-figure settlement for Russell 1000 information technology company under D&O tower for losses arising from defense and settlement of claims under Washington law by former stockholders alleging that company and its venture capital investors acted improperly in a tender offer and subsequent IPO. Case settled on very favorable terms after client prevailed on summary judgment in coverage litigation. Smartsheet, Inc. v. Fed. Ins. Co., 620 F. Supp. 3d 1149 (W.D. Wash. 2022).