Best Insurance Recovery Law Firm For Governmental Investigations

In this video, we introduce Ernie Edgar, General Counsel for Atkins North America.  From performing architectural, civil and structural engineering work on the 56 story Burj Al Arab super luxury hotel in Dubai, to providing engineering and design work for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in London, Atkins is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management companies in the world.  

Hotel in Dubai

Atkins’ Project: Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai
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Ernie discusses the debilitating and costly nature of governmental investigations.  Facing an FCPA investigation, with the future of the company at stake, Atkins did what most companies would do.  They hired some of the world’s best lawyers to defend the company.  Atkins’ situation was not atypical.  With legal bills from multiple prestigious law firms and sizable E-discovery costs, the cost of defense and investigation was enormous. This expense, however, was not only typical, but it was also necessary and justified.    

Ernie selected an equally prestigious and respected law firm to handle insurance recovery associated with the governmental investigation, Miller Friel.  In this video, Ernie references an early turning point in Atkins’ dealings with its insurance carrier.  The insurance carrier had failed to respond to the claim, and, if not for a call from Miller Friel asking them what happened to the claim, the insurance claim may have been forgotten forever.   

Best Insurance Recovery Law Firm

Atkins’ Project: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London
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The positive impact Miller Friel’s efforts had for the company was enormous.  Ernie comments on the professionalism of the proceedings, stating, this was one of the utmost professional outcomes that I have ever seen.”   As far as results, Ernie could not have been more pleased, stating,

Miller Friel has achieved outstanding results for us.  They understand the law and the business imperatives behind each case and then effectively advocate for their clients with skill and passion.  In my experience, they are the best insurance recovery firm.”

These kind words from a trusted client exemplify our approach to resolving the some of the most important and complex insurance recovery disputes faced by corporate policyholders.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 202-760-3160.