Steps to Maximize D&O Coverage for Investigations – Part 3

This video is the third of a three-part series addressing issues companies should focus on when negotiating and purchasing D&O insurance to adequately protect against governmental investigations. In this post, Miller Friel Attorney Tab Turano continues his discussion on maximizing insurance recovery for governmental investigations. Both public and private companies face the threat of governmental investigations. These investigations by Federal agencies, from the SEC to the FCC to the DOJ, can be for violations of securities laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and other laws and regulations. Having the right D&O insurance can be critical for defending such proceedings. Not all D&O policies, however, are the same. This video discusses the importance of negotiating a broad and favorable “allocation clause” as well as narrowly-tailored “conduct exclusions,” both of which are important for maximizing defense coverage in connection with governmental investigations.

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